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CLICK HERE for information about horseback riding on the Confederation Trail
PEI Trail Riders Forest Hill
Forest Hill 
Updated September 2022

The Forest Hill Wildlife Management Area is currently the only publicly-funded trail system on PEI that allows equestrian access. PEI Trail Riders is seeking to upgrade equestrian facilities and to expand trails.

PEI Trail Riders CVT etiquette
Confederation Trail
Updated May 2023

Equestrians have been seeking access to the multi-user Confederation Trail - part of the Trans Canada Trail - from the time of its initial planning stages in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Equestrians successfully shared three segments of the trail during a pilot project in 2021, and Phase 2 of the pilot will took place during the summer and fall of 2022.

PEI Trail Riders ATV Federation
ATV Trails
Updated January 2021

The PEI ATV Federation manages province-wide ATV trails through agreements with private landowners. With the assistance of the Federation, PEI Trail Riders is exploring the possibility of sharing the trails through similar agreements with landowners.

Public Land
Updated January 2021

Approximately 12% of PEI land is publicly-owned. PEI Trail Riders is seeking input on suitable tracts of land, especially Provincial Forest Land, that would be candidates for development of new equestrian-friendly, shared-use trails!

Community Building
Updated September 2022

PEI Trail Riders are people who care about their local communities. Our association hosts events that help support causes that benefit more than just equestrian activities.



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