PEI Trail Riders Spruston

Collaborating on trail maintenance on a trail system on public land: Back Country Horsemen of British Columbia (Central Vancouver Island chapter) and the Mid-Island ATV Club.

ATV Trails

Across Canada, ATV enthusiasts frequently share trails with horseback riders (including, in some areas, sections of the Trans Canada Trail that allow motorized use). Where a spirit of partnership and cooperation exists, ATV and equestrian user groups are able to collaborate on trail maintenance and on education of all user groups regarding the importance of trail safety and etiquette.

The PEI ATV Federation has, over the past decade, forged relationships with landowners across the province in order to establish a managed, permit-based system of trails so that their members may enjoy safe off-road recreation. Equestrian users are currently not permitted on these ATV trails (which exist largely on private land) because the permissions granted by over 600 individual landowners are specific to ATV use.

The ATV Federation is very supportive of the concept of sharing its trails with equestrian users, and has worked hard to educate its members regarding safe interactions with horses. In meetings with members of the Trail Committee, most recently in January 2021, representatives expressed their interest in assisting PEI Trail Riders to secure the necessary permissions.

Being granted access to the ATV Federation trail system would give horseback riders from one end of the Island to the other the opportunity to ride off-road close to home, and PEI Trail Riders will be pursuing this project throughout the spring of 2021. 

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