PEI Trail Riders road riding

Road Safety

PEI horseback riders currently have few options when it comes to riding off-road. The only managed, safe equestrian trail system that receives public funding is the Forest Hill Trail, in Kings County, which, more often than not, leaves riders in other parts of the Island with little recourse but to ride on public roads.

Some equestrians are lucky enough to have trailers or to have easy access to quiet Heritage Roads. Many others either ride primarily on busier side roads, or on paved highways. 

Even though PEI has the highest per capita horse ownership in Canada, equestrians agree that there is a lack of awareness among motor vehicle drivers regarding safe passing of horseback riders sharing the road. Stories of injury or near-misses are easy to come across in discussions with fellow riders.

PEI Trail Riders is committed to improving road safety for equestrians via developing educational materials, liaising with the RCMP, and working with the provincial government to ensure that the safety of horseback riders is included in future road safety campaigns.

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